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messy play for babies

Mondays between 10am to 1pm.

Drop in & play as along as you like.
$20 per visit ($15 per additional sibling) or 

$90 for a 6 visit pass (works out to $15 per visit).

Cash, debit tap, credit card or email money transfer.

rainbow spaghetti . baby foam party! . water play . edible finger paints . edible oobleck . edible slime . edible playdough . edible sandbox . sensory tents . loose parts play with no chocking hazards... did I mention everything is taste-safe?

It's all the fun stuff you would love to do at home, except you're tired and making a mess on purpose sounds insane to you. Leave the hard parts of set up and clean up to me. Come and enjoy play & connection with your baby & other parents.

Ideal for kids 6 months to about 2 years. Older siblings are also welcome. I don't check IDs but all kiddos need to be paying customers. Grown ups are free.

If you have any concerns about your child's participation be it allergies or differing abilities please don't hesitate to contact me about accommodations. I want it to be fun, safe & as accessible as possible. EVERYONE IS WELCOME.


  • Babies don't wear smocks. Dress for mess! Clever parents either strip their babies to a diaper or bring a change of clothes.

  • In order to make everything taste-safe I use food colouring instead of washable paints. That means stains! Please be careful what you wear as your baby will likely touch you with mucky hands.

  • This is not a drop-off. A caregiver must stay for the duration. I do offer free cuddles though.

  • This is a breast & bottle feeding friendly environment. Baby's gotta eat. If you have an opinion on how some one is feeding their baby do us all a favour and keep it to yourself.

  • All caregivers must sign a liability waiver upon arrival.

  • I ask for a photo waiver on the liability sheet so I can share photos on social media & use in advertising. But please note: If you are not comfortable with photos of your kiddos feel free to check "no" on the photo portion. I totally respect your decision and will keep your kid out of photos.